Competitive Commission Plans

Take control of your financial future. RE/MAX was founded under the concept of maximizing the returns for individual brokers and agents, hence the name Real Estate Maximum - RE/MAX.

Here at RE/MAX Real Estate Center, our two main commission plans provide varying flexibility and competitive payout. Every Agent has the opportunity to earn a 95/5 commission split no matter what plan they choose.


The 95/5 Agent is one who doesn't mind paying a monthly Desk Fee, as they have budgeted accordingly, and recognize the advantage of a high payout with a monthly fee.

This is the commission plan that RE/MAX became famous for. Enjoy the highest split available, with a monthly Desk Fee. On this plan you will receive the largest commission payouts for each closing.


The RAPP is perfect for an Agent who doesn't want to pay monthly fees. All Office costs are built into a CAP that is paid off through commissions throughout the year. The only monthly expenses an Agent has to pay are personal expenses, such as individual print or online marketing.

Our RAPP commission plan offers three different split levels depending on prior year's gross commissions. There is a Soft CAP in place, with Agents moving to a 95/5 Commission Split upon reaching the CAP.


80/20 Split until they reach a $23,000 CAP


70/30 Split until they reach a $23,000 CAP


60/40 Split until they reach a $23,000 CAP. This level is the starting split for the Agent grossing less than $25,000 and is just beginning their journey to being a successful Agent.

Once the CAP is reached, Agents are moved to a 95/5 Split for the remained of the year.


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